Yoke have a multidisciplinary and responsive approach in their projects, utilising a variety of materials to create sculpture, installation and intervention. They consider the role of the viewer as pro-active and important to the work, often thinking about the setting where the work is shown and designing the encounter the audience will experience. The word Yoke means to connect or join and it is the aim that their work will better connect the audience to the subject matter in question. A collaborative practice enables Yoke to develop ideologies and aesthetics through discursive interaction, constantly re-evaluating what they do and how they go about it.

Their current project Undercurrent stems from Yoke’s interest in the environment and how it has been shaped physically, socially, and economically. The project draws upon research and personal experience of the Aire & Calder waterways. Focusing on the physical and psychological tensions that arise from its rich history, re-appropriation after economic decline towards a leisure pursuit, and from the constant pressure, flow and strength of the contained water. Undercurrent hopes to explore the place where tranquillity, excitement, dread and fear collide.