The 04 group of textile artists are based in the Dublin area. They have been exhibiting together for more than 15 years. Their present exhibition ‘Unravelled’ is based on artefacts on display in Dublin museums. In particular they have focused on Collins Barracks Decorative Arts and History Museum, The Chester Beatty Library and also the National Museum in Kildare Street. The Collins Barracks galleries exhibit a wide range of artefacts including costume, furniture silverware, ceramics etc., The Chester Beatty, which specialises in promoting the appreciation and understanding of world cultures, holds a huge array of artefacts from various cultures world-wide. The National Museum in Kildare Street holds extraordinary collections …prehistoric gold items, pieces relating to kingship and sacrifice, Viking artefacts, prehistoric Neolithic and bronze age tools & weaponry etc.,

Each group member has responded to a specific piece or theme from the museum collections. Working in a variety of both contemporary and traditional textile forms 04 have produced a range of 2D and 3D pieces of exquisite textile art. Areas of interest include book shrines and the Faddan More Psalter in Kildare Street, Japanese woodblock prints and Book of Hours from Chester Beatty, a glass bottle collection and work reflection pieces from the ceramic exhibition ‘Scath Shadow of Sodeisha’ at Collins Barracks.