Caren has created a bedroom installation, furnishing her gallery with hospital and domestic furniture, setting the scene of an adolescent’s bedroom/sterile hospital ward. Using painstaking hand stitching she has created a moving and accessible artwork dealing with the devastating world of eating disorders.

The main feature of this work is a quilt which has been made using a pattern designed by a talented and creative young woman who passed away after suffering from a complex eating disorder.

A dollshouse sits inside the gallery. Its bedroom furnished with a miniature version of a hospital bed, a tiny drip stand, weighing scales, stethoscope and blood pressure cuff. These objects and others found inside the dollshouse have been reproduced in life-size, incorporating textiles stitched with motifs and researched text. The back wall of each room is mirrored so that when the viewer looks into a room their reflection gives the illusion of being oversized. The house deals with scale as those suffering from eating disorders believe themselves to be much larger in size than they actually are.

The use of minute hand stitching in the artworks reinforces the concept of scale, as it has been said by medical professionals that those with anorexia nervosa write with the tiniest of letters. The intense discipline and obsession needed to create these miniscule stitches echo the compulsion and control needed to sustain an eating disorder.