Roisin Joyce

Activism is often a theme Roisin’s work. her most recent project was based on plastic pollution in our oceans. A range of fabrics were created,  intended for t-shirt prints to raise awareness for ocean pollution and the damage caused by single use plastic.

Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology


Louise Melia

Louise’s textile designs are derived from the abandoned infrastructure of Lullymore briquette factory which have amazed her ever since she was a child. Listening to her father and grandfather tell stories of their time as workers there intrigued her imagination immensely. Through Louise’s textile designs the industrial cathedral, filled with nostalgia, is brought back to life.

Galway Mayo Institute of Technology


Deirdre Crowley

Inspired by Galway city, its history and its built environment. Dierdre manifests her inspiration using print, embroidery and beading on textiles. A preference of natural fabrics such as silk and linen is exhibited.

Centre for Creative Arts and Media, GMIT


Anxhela Cerriku

Anxhela’s collection follows the rise of revolutionary George Castriot, also known as Skanderbeg. The journey starts with Skanderbeg’s experience of being kidnapped as a child from the Ottoman Empire, to his return 20 years later. He becomes known as one of the greatest heroes of Albania and the Balkan Region. Anhela’s work is inspired by Skanderbeg’s crown that was given to him by the Vatican in recognition of his courage. Power, strength, and perseverance are symbolically reflected through clean and structured design lines. All alluding to Skanderbeg notable personality.  The fabrics chosen to emulate the powerful emotions within the story are Organza Silk, Silk, Brocade, Doublesided thin Neoprene/denim, and Tarlatan. As his reputation increases the collection too grows in stature from look 1 to look 6.

Limerick school of Art and Design


Brigette Houlihan

Motivated to explore solitude and how the intangible can be physically represented through conceptual objects. For Brigette, isolation is something to be treasured, being able to be physically completely alone and be happy in the calmness and to not feel lonely because one has chosen to be there for a time.

National College Art & Design


Jessica Myers

Mental illness is becoming a rising concern in current Irish society, with Ireland having one of the highest rates of suicide within the EU.  Jessica draws on her own experiences with depression and suicide. Jessica’s work visually conveys the emotions and thoughts of a suicidal mind through a contemporary textile practice. By replicating and subverting traditional Aran knitwear into a new form, Jessica depicts a sense of constriction and emphasis in struggle between end and continuity.

National College of Art and Design