Please note the artists below refer to the 2019 show, come back in October for the full 2020 graduate lineup.

Megan Maguire – National College of Art & Design

I am a maker, a facilitator and an educator. I have found an affinity with knitted and constructed textiles. My love of making has found confidence in my ability to create surfaces and structures through the medium. This new-found passion and interest uses these surface constructions for the body. My work responds to Buddhist believes, but also responds to the hedonism world of festivals, music and performance by representing connections, memories, and the celebration of life. My pieces hold an aspect of social engagement which allows the viewer and performer to connect and engage with an audience and one another. I wanted to create pieces that express connection and engagement as socially engaged art is big part of my practice and the direction I want to take my career in

Megan Shelley – National College of Art & Design

“My current work is a reflection on my final year in college at NCAD. Through different textile processes, I have created embroidery badges that showcase different experiences I’ve had in NCAD over the years. This body of work is fun, colourful, tactile and is a sort of personal time capsule. I worked with printed textiles, embroidery & beading and applique techniques to create these pieces.
Since finishing college in June 2019 I have created new pieces that I have framed to show other ways in which these badges can be displayed.”

Deirbhile Seville – The National College of Art & Design

“My practice as a maker reflects my interests in social issues and becomes a means to comment on current political situations. Homelessness, the refugee crisis, war, location and socio-economical discrimination are a few of the many issues that face modern constructs of society. Work produced is to give a visual voice to those who are misheard, mistreated or misunderstood.

A metaphorical comparison of the turmoil both animal and human face and the notion of society welcoming a dog into their home but not a human being onto their land raises these concerns.”

Hannah Martin – NCAD

“‘Safe Place’ by Joint Education & Material Cultures student Hannah Martin, examines the deterioration and cognitive decline caused by Alzheimer’s disease.

Most sufferers of Alzheimer’s find their safe place, a moment in which they freeze in time. This sometimes refers to people, places or even a particular time in their lives, e.g. childhood. Her project is based around her grandfather’s safe place and that gradual decline. From the wellies at the door, to the empty slippers at the chair and eventually the pyjamas at the bed, this marks out the different stages of the disease that are representative of him.

Hannah’s work focuses on a mixture of portrait embroidery work and objects featuring embroidery and thread work.”                NCAD

Aimee   O’Reilly I am a textile artist and designer. I start my work with photography and painting, building up a body of research work. I then translate these into textiles with machine stitch and embroidery, I like to paint directly onto the fabric as well as using traditional screen printing. Mixing different techniques is important in my work.


 Heather Watson – GMIT

Textiles are an integral part of our lives and their versatility and variety is what holds my interest and keeps me coming back to them as the medium for my conceptual art pieces.  In my current work coffee sacks are used as a metaphor for migration, drawing inspiration from my own experience as an immigrant. I have unpicked, deconstructed and reconstructed coffee sacks.  The coffee sacks are embellished using techniques of hand embroidery, applique, beading and felting.  This process mimics the gradual deconstruction of the migrant’s ties to a former society and reconstitution of their sense of identity and place in a new society.

Jenni Miller – GMIT 

“The notion of home has always enticed me and is the key concept that underlines most of my work. This work has been about my own response and questioning of what home is and whether for me that is a place, memory or simply just a feeling. It is my old house in rural Ireland that I’m drawn back to time and time again, constantly being pulled back in by what it holds and discovering something new and untouched. Photographing and gathering materials from this place, that was once home, is answering questions and resurfacing memories that for me have gone untouched for years, and in turn churning out more unanswered questions

in my quest to discover what home really is.”

A mixture of freehand machine embroidery, photography, foraged materials and resurfaced memories have created this installation artwork

Siofra Holyland – CIT Crawford College of Art & Design

The main themes seen throughout my work is nature, colour and pattern. I am interested in pattern design and digital printing. The patterns created are printed onto fabric and are then applied onto everyday functional and decorative objects. I use stitching as well as beading to add a layer of detail as well as texture to the work.

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