Encaustic with a Textile Sensibility with Daniella Woolf

Encaustic is a mixed media technique whereby paint or pigment is added to hot beeswax which is then applied to a surface. This workshop will introduce you to the ancient technique of encaustic, where you will dip, brush, stamp, stitch, etch and apply clear and coloured encaustic wax. You will finish the course loaded with inspiration and bursting with ideas!

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The Workshop “Encaustic with a Textile Sensibility” featuring Daniella Woolf is a wonderful exploration of everything from the fundamentals of studio setup through a range of projects designed to keep you busy for hours with your hot wax. Twelve sections of instruction — rust, stencils, embellishing, transfers, 3D, stitch, studio practice and many themes are explored in this 2-hour workshop with accompanying eBook to guide you step by step.

Daniella finds inspiration in the world around her as she walks along the beaches and through the groves of eucalyptus trees that grow along the Santa Cruz, California bluffs.  Mom’s old checks and objects left by her neighbours on her porch find their way into this workshop and her wax pot as she stitches, mounts and transfers them lovingly to create original encaustic works of art.  

Level: Suitable for all levels, for beginners through to intermediate and advance.

Price: £33 (plus £1.50 booking fee)

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    What you'll learn:

    • Setting up your encaustic studio
    • Encaustic safety
    • The history of encaustic painting / encaustic wax 
    • Encaustic tools and appliances
    • Sizing (preparing) encaustic panels
    • Adding a paper foundation to your panel
    • Rust and encaustic
    • Working with colour (encaustic pigment)
    • Transfers
    • Developing line, pattern and depth in your wax
    • Shredded and diced paper encaustic panels
    • Inspiration from nature: Eucalyptus leaves (stitched encaustic)
    • Inspiration from family: Cancelled checks, recipe cards and more
    • Inspiration from friends: Things left on Daniella’s porch
    • 3-Dimensional encaustic and where to go from here

    What's included:

    • 2 hours of video tutorials. The sessions have been split into 12 bitesize sessions, meaning you can navigate and watch specific sections again at ease.
    • 72-page e-book 
    • Comprehensive materials list

    Access to the sessions

    The on-demand recordings will be available until 11:59pm (GMT) on 31 December 2021.

    About the Tutor: Daniella Woolf


    Daniella Woolf is an encaustic, paper and mixed media textile artist. She describes her work as ‘an amalgamation of materiality, mathematics and repetition’ and her preferred medium is encaustic because of the versatility it offers. The author of several books on encaustic art and surface design, Daniella lives in Santa Cruz, California.