The discards, stains and stories of life are given new meaning and interpretation by four artists getting together from disparate backgrounds. As part of our human condition, we construct stories to make sense of situations or to push a point of view whether about the past, present or future. These stories tend to reinforce our personal views of our history, what our lives are like, decisions we make, and what we will or won’t achieve in our lives. The challenge thrown to the artists by curator and participant, Alysn Midgelow-Marsden, was to create works which examine either their own ‘fabricated narratives’, or to fabricate stories for objects or their remnants.

Whether historically accurate or playfully inventive, each work in the exhibition is part of a fabricated story. In addition, the development of the thoughts, the trials and gradually refining of options in the minds of the artists have been recorded in the form of video, social media, notes and samples all of which form a fascinating segment of the exhibition experience. Alysn Midgelow-Marsden, Helene Carpenter, Di Halstead and Marianda Twydell encompass a variety of backgrounds and experience, including textiles, glass, paint, design, photography, sculpture and book art.

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