Through her historic collection, which forms ‘Forget Me Not’, Diane Grant tells the story of the pin stuck military sweetheart pincushion. Layette pin stuck pincushions made from 1650 for approximately 200 years, were the forerunners of the military pincushions. The first soldier’s pincushion dates to just after the Crimean war 1855/6 they continued to be made through the two Boar Wars and The Great War 1914/18.

The collection illustrates how, through the years, the pincushion design and the pin stuck technique developed. Historic pictures on her stand establish them in the context of their time.

Research and detail is in Diane’s DNA. It makes her think of the people, their circumstances and the time these pincushions were made. How war brings about the loss of so many young men and the women who were left behind and how the world never seems to learn. Her pin stuck collages and ceramics is her responds to the subject. She reinvents the pin stuck technique, bringing it into the twenty first century. Pin stuck on these collages are her ceramic hearts, antique sequins, vintage lace and braids.

Diane will be signing her book, ’Forget Me Not’.

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