John Allen has been a Textile Designer specialising in printed, woven and knitted fabrics for over 25 years. John’s current exhibition is called ‘Spirit of Place’ and is inspired by the ever changing variety of British landscapes, seascapes and London scenes. John colours the carpets with his own feelings and personal responses to the subject of the work, sometimes replacing the actual tones with one that better reflect his own mood provoked by the day.

While working on some designs, john had flashes of long past visual memories, some of which he have introduced. Why are there two croquet hoops in the bluebell wood? It is not till John finished a number of the designs that he realised he had added objects that were not there. The reasons for adding them into a composition, are complex and very personal, but also visually interesting, and in obscure ways demand attention. Are they flash-back visual images of a place I have been? Are they incomplete memories, or are they simply the mind combining imaginary images giving John the feeling of the spirit of the place?

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