“This series of ‘body bags’ textile sculptures represents 4 years of research and practical experiments that reflect on the ideas of loss and commemoration. This project was inspired by the publication in 2014 of ‘Naseby Lion- Naseby’s soldiers and their village remembered’ by my late uncle, Michael Westaway. In this book he closes the opening dedication with ‘It is to these men that this book is dedicated in the hope that they will be remembered well into the new Millennium.’

I am fascinated by the real people and the impact their death had on their loved ones and the village community. I feel this monument is representative of those in so many English villages that are now covered in moss and barely acknowledged, while to those left behind a hundred years ago they were more than their army service number or a name inscribed in stone. I have produced a number of ‘body bag’ forms that graft actual uniforms with army kit bags in the form of ‘sentinels’. United by an enquiry into the nature of ‘decorations’ in both form and function textile processes alter these existing objects and allude to narratives of individuals and how loved ones try to mend what has been broken by War.”

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