“Colour Notes” is an exploration of how each Studio 21 artist personally expresses and interprets colour through narrative and memory.
Colour is ubiquitous. We perceive the colours of the world every day and most of the time without much regard. At other times we are acutely aware of its hues, tints and intensity. We note the visual sensations of colour and how it communicates to us.

Deliberately open-ended, this project began with the premise that each Studio 21 artist tends to have their own particular palate of colour to which they return, consciously or unconsciously. Each artist reflected on this habitual practice: reviewing why and how they use and choose colour. Theory books were relegated to the background, ensuring that each piece was worked reflexively and intuitively.

The wide range of responses include: material colour in and of the landscape; colour created by the changing light of day or season; and capturing a moment of being in a specific place and time. Most notably, colour is described as conjuring and materialising the immaterial: emotional, experimental and memory. Instead of a riot of colour, the exhibition comprises a broad range of hues and tones in a varied imagery of space, light and shadow. All of the pieces represent searching and thought-provoking responses.”

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