The entry form for The Fine Art Textiles Award 2020 is now live!

The Fine Art Textiles Award offers a unique platform to textile artists, recognising the creative talents and skills of a range of high-calibre artists and celebrating textiles’ rightful place amongst high art.

In its inaugural year in 2019, we received over 150 entries of which 27 made the final cut and were exhibited at The Festival of Quilts, and The Knitting & Stitching Shows in London and Harrogate.

We aim to present work that meets the following criteria and is of a standard that:

Would be considered as fine art and worthy of premium gallery space.

Transcends its craft or making process, standing alone as visual art, is clearly rooted in and reflecting of the inspiration, source, concept or idea of the artist, with fully resolved composition is rooted within the medium of textiles, meaning that cloth and thread are used as the pivotal materials/media.

Both 2D and 3D works are welcome, with the exception of garments unless said garments present as fine art.  All disciplines, processes and media are therefore welcome, as long as the key/pivotal materials are clearly rooted in textiles.

The winning piece will be awarded £5,000 and there is a runner up prize of £500 for Innovative Use of Textiles. The selected works will once again form an exhibition to be shown at The Festival of Quilts in August and travelling to The Knitting & Stitching Shows in London and Harrogate in the autumn.

Full submission criteria can be found along with the entry form at  https://www.thefestivalofquilts.co.uk/the-fine-art-textiles-award/


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