Royal School of Needlework – 150 Years

Celebrating its 150th anniversary this year, the Royal School of Needlework, the international Centre of Excellence for the art of hand embroidery, will be marking the occasion with a quiz trail, challenging visitors to locate images of RSN students’ work around the show, with a prize draw at the end.  

Be amazed by the work that can be created with simply a needle and thread, and get involved in stitching on a special 150th anniversary design, which will become part of the Collection.

The Royal School of Needlework will display Collection pieces alongside contemporary work, highlighting the organisation’s versatility, perseverance, and exquisite skills over its 150-year history.

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RSN_150years_master with crest_rgb
Broderers Piece
28 Jacobean 50s
ONL Deborah Bryan Jacobean Cert Insect Butterfly Animal Rabbit (2) crop
HCP Emma Sullivan Jacobean Cert Tree of Life Animal Bird Parrot (4)