Is it the place you return to at the end of each day?
A sanctuary of respite away from the busy world outside?

The place where family gather around the dinner table and share talk of the day?
Or is HOME now all clutter and mayhem – kid’s trainers, clothes and papers everywhere, pawprints
on the floor….a place of never-ending dusting,
hoovering, washing and tidying.

Do you picture your mother baking or the dining room with the posh china? The vivid colours of
Habitat or florals of Laura Ashley?

Remember the 1950s pre-fab; the 1970s avocado bathroom; or 2000 shabby chic?
Is HOME a grand yacht or converted barn? Have you seen the slums in Mumbai or igloos of the Inuit –
both HOME to someone.

HOME should mean shelter and safety – but many
have become refugees and others now live on our
streets as “homeless” with no roof at all.

What of the natural world – the bird’s nest or the crab
in his shell. As we build more HOMEs for mankind,
what are we doing to the natural habitat of the
animal world?
See how Embroiderers’ Guild members have
interpreted the word “HOME”.

Important Ticket Information – Covid-19

We’re looking forward to welcoming visitors The Knitting & Stitching Show in October for what promises to be a great event. That said, our number one priority is to ensure we protect the health and wellbeing of our visitors and exhibitors, and we will closely follow the government and their medical advisers’ recommendations to ensure we do this.

The show will go ahead, unless we’re advised or told to cancel or delay at the request of the UK Government, which we will then do without hesitation. If this is the case we will issue a refund for all tickets and workshops booked via See Tickets, (if you booked through a third party please contact them directly). We won’t take risks with your safety and we will do as the Government advises.