Breaking boundaries and challenging traditional notions of stitching and surface embroidery, this gallery provides an excellent showcase for young graduates who are the future of textiles.


Joining us this year, we are delighted to present:

Amy Elizabeth Vance and Fay Jones from UCLAN

Emma Wilkinson, Edinburgh College

Jessie Dickinson, Falmouth

Suzanne Redois, Notts Trent

Apan Azad, Huddersfield

Kerry Napier and Libby Vale

as well as scholars Melanie Kay (UCLAN) and Jessica Grady.


The NYC melting pot - Suzanne Redois

The NYC melting pot – Suzanne Redois

Alex Strandring

Alex Strandring

Melanie Kay

Melanie Kay – UCLAN

Amy Vance

Amy Vance


Jessie Dickinson

Jessie Dickinson

Jessica Grady


Apan Azad



Emma Wilkinson