The theme is inspired by the stories of the Lancashire witches. The work aims to tell their stories in stitch.
The title is taken from the words of the judge at the trial of three of the women who were among the lucky ones as there were acquitted. The phrase conjures images of the people and landscapes of Lancashire at the time of King James. ‘ then all to Lancaster’

Nineteen people were imprisoned and committed for trial at Lancaster. Eleven people died ten were executed. Three were declared innocent. Five were acquitted but bound over They were victims of the social, religious and political prejudice of the changing times.

The work for this exhibition comes from an obsession with the myths and mysteries surrounding the Witches of Pendle. As a child I imagined women in black with pointed hats who traveled at night on broomsticks. When older walking on Pendle Hill in the mist there was a definite sense of foreboding.
The research for the theme has been developing for some time through drawings and sampling.
Stitched timelines, woven figures and landscapes with books representing the stories are all included in the exhibition.