Two years ago while searching for an idea for their next project HUE decided to read and respond to the text of a book. Robert Macfarlane’s ‘The Old Ways’ was unanimously chosen as the source for new inspiration.
The bestselling book describes Macfarlane’s explorations of pilgrimage paths, prehistoric tracks and sea-roads, speaking of how these ‘Old Ways’ shape people, places and landscapes.

HUE’s Gallery exhibits the resulting body of work that has come about after individual research, support for each other from the group, mentoring from Anthea Godfrey and encouragement and approval from Macfarlane himself.
…I’m thrilled that this response has now come into being as part of the Knitting and Stitching Show – I cannot wait to see the landscapes of my words revised and re-patterned in material form. Robert Macfarlane

Members have responded to words, a place described, or an idea aired, that sparked their interest and attention. The exhibition explores land and sea, footpaths, myths, micro terrain, overwhelming landscapes, beaches, megaliths, isolated islands, sea voyages and traces of ancient man. Works have been made in a variety of textile techniques, but all come together to make a cohesive body of work that re-patterns Robert Macfarlane’s words.

Exclusive talk by Elisabeth Rutt – Wednesday 1.15pm

Join Elisabeth for an illustrated talk of HUE’s gallery, From Page to Thread. “I will explain the initial idea of using a book as our inspiration and go on to show and tell how HUE textile artists have re-patterned Robert Macfarlane’s words in textiles,” said Elisabeth. Each artist has responded to Macfarlane’s evocative descriptions of his travels on foot and by sea that paint pictures in the reader’s mind of landscapes, folklore, geology, traces of ancient man and much more. This talk takes place upstairs in Palm Court 5, only accessible by stairs. To reserve a place, click on BOOK TICKETS and then WORKSHOPS. Search for code 227 and book on line to ensure your place.