The New Embroidery Group was founded in 1968. Its first president was Constance Howard. She inspired the Group and encouraged the members to work together to explore the possibilities of textile design and seek inspiration from each other through meetings and visits to museums, exhibitions and workshops.

The New Embroidery Group has a diverse membership from professional to semi-professional to amateur. Common to all members is their love and appreciation of textile art.

They have an exciting programme of events, coming together twice a year to hear an invited speaker. There are also visits to galleries and attendance at workshops. Members come from a wide area so are able to benefit from these meetings which can be themed towards future exhibitions. The group exhibits every other year, mainly in the south of England.

Individual members will be exhibiting a variety of approaches to the title ‘MOVING ON’. Members are well versed in traditional and experimental techniques which will be reflected in the work on show. There will be a mix of soft wall hangings, framed textiles and 3D pieces. To maintain a high standard of craftsmanship and design all work exhibited goes through a selection process. They look forward to sharing our enthusiasm with like-minded people at the shows.