Red Work is a major solo exhibition by acclaimed textile artist Rachael Howard. Rachael records and celebrates the joys and frustrations of everyday family life in large-scale figurative work inspired by 19th century redwork story quilts – for her, the Instagram of their day.

“Most of us are in awe of Howard’s sketched lines, reproducing an image so effortlessly, and her mark-making forming new life on a page or textile surface with such alacrity”, Ann Gibson, The Quilter.

Utilising Rachael’s signature techniques of line drawing, machine embroidery, applique, screen-printing and digital printing, Red Work reinvents the redwork quilts and coverlets of the late 1880’s. The work depicts imagery associated with domesticity – simple motifs of flowers, animals, birds and children, in scenes captured from everyday life, such as jogging, football and watching Japanese wrestlers.

“The fluidity of line that she employs and her ability to capture a gesture in a few economical marks draws parallels with the immediacy of Instagram but adds something more. These images have a vitality, truth and energy that only drawing from life can achieve”, Polly Leonard, Selvedge.