Room6 is a group of six artists, who have had a strong connection to Eastleigh College, originally taught in Room 6, hence the name. All are past graduates/tutors of Foundation Degree in Stitched Textiles or HNC in Contemporary Art Practice, and they all now work as professional artists in their own right. Room6 is an exciting mix of different artist’s practice brought together for the purpose of exhibiting their work in a contemporary context.
Nicky takes a contemporary view of knitting with her sculptural forms and small framed pieces. Thermofax printing combined with machine embroidery forms the basis of Alison’s practice and she has become well known for her beautifully printed pinny’s. Caroline works with leaves bark and plants, natural dyes and eco-indigo vats, creating wonderful eco-prints and exquisite hand stitch. Irene transforms her recycled materials into sculptural forms and textile pieces, working mainly with the inspiration of her boatyard. Consuelo’s conceptual work is centred on her daily walk in her environment, creating wrapped and woven installations. Susan works mainly with print and stitch looking to her roots and to the passage of time. Room 6 now presents their latest exhibition ‘Missing Elements’ which they are launching at the 2018 Knitting and Stitching Shows, and which will travel to further venues subsequently.