Sarah Waters is a textile artist with a commitment to felt-making that originates from her love of sheep. Living in the New Forest, Hampshire, her work reflects her desire to connect with nature and the importance of sustainability. Earliest childhood memories are of collecting pieces of wool caught on fences and twisting into long threads. Sheep, wool and farming are in her blood.

Using both traditional and innovative techniques, Sarah aims to show the diversity and qualities that can embody felt-making. She is determined to be innovative with her work and constantly uses a sketchbook to draw ideas that originate from nature. Her recent work has focused on biological innovations in textile development and the future of fabric production by growing her own cloth. She is a part of an increasing collaboration between artists and scientists who are showing that, by pushing the boundaries, they can help forge the future of textile, design and health development

Sarah takes her inspirations from the world around her. Her 2017 exhibition entitled ‘STONE’ embodies the textures and feelings that stone gives- whether it is a simple pure round shape or the more complex stratification that is the very essence of the ground underneath us.