‘Spiraling Out’ is an exhibition by Dawn ‘Midnight’ Hemming of hand-knit one-piece circular textiles in bold colours using new techniques with mixed contemporary and traditional motifs.
Midnight Hemming designs and creates complex pieces that take over 100 hours of hand knitting, containing nearly 150,000 stitches.
Colour is central to the process. Mixing them in different shades makes the work absorbing and the results surprising. Each project is an experiment to see how pattern and colour work with each other. Variegated yarns with long colour changes melt from one rich shade to the next and yarns are carefully chosen to give the most visual impact.
Knitting in circles is a repetitive but reassuring mantra of making one stich after another with no breaks or turns which runs contrary to the more usual method of flat knitting backwards and forwards. This difference is what stops the mind from unravelling.
The pieces are both practical and warm, adding dashes of rich colour to the home.
Many of the pieces are created whilst on the move, and this is reflected by the wide range of names that the pieces have been given, that relate to place names, both real and imaginary.