Come and see the Artists in Action at this year’s Knitting & Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace.

The concept is to show practising artists at work, as though in their own studio, so visitors can catch a glimpse of the artists’ journey from initial idea through to resolved body of work. Each artist is given their own ‘studio space’ to display work-in-progress as well as finished pieces and the timetable reflects a range of creative disciplines such as fabric painting, dyeing, printing, fabric construction, mixed-media and stitch.

The artists, will be examining options, exploring ideas and working through processes. Inspiration could come from previously worked themes, from their own sketchbooks and source material, or even from other artists in the Studio and the materials provided. Programme in several visits to the Artists in Action Studio during your day and you will be able to observe the developments, as well as learning about methods, materials and techniques. By displaying their personal working methods the artists hope to encourage a better understanding of the artistic flow, including those inevitable (but vitally important) rejected ideas, as the creative journey follows its twists and turns.

This year’s Timetable

Table One: Jill Flower
Table Two: Nodeen Salmon
Table Three: Alison Hume

Table One: Clare Bullock
Table Two: Mary McIntosh
Table Three: Amanda Hislop

Table One: Helen Sill
Table Two: Amanda Clayton
Table Three: Deanna Tyson

Table One: Maria Boyle
Table Two: Gina Ferrari
Table Three: Jenny O’Leary

Find out more about this year’s artists here.



Artists in Action is created in association with Art Van Go.

*Subject to change