To help reduce the use of plastic bags at our shows, to tap into your creative juices, to declutter your fabric stash, to keep waste textiles from landfill, to win great prizes and to be part of a global ‘pay it forward’ movement, we’re inviting you to make your own morsbag for this year’s Spring Show.

Your morsbag can be made from any media but must include our show logo and a morsbags label. We would like to encourage the use of recycled materials so whether this is an old pair of jeans or clothing, offcuts from an old or unfinished project, some material you’ve squirreled away and not used yet or a piece of old curtain – you choose!

The Morsbags organisation encourages volunteers to make reusable bags and then use them or give them away for free. Simply from gifting these bags in a ‘random act of kindness’, 300,000 morsbags have been made by stitchers like you, potentially replacing 160 million plastic bags! Hopefully, you’ll go on to make more morsbags after the show and add your makes to the tally on the website to be part of the movement.

The basic pattern is here but please embellish, add long handles, box bottoms and generally rejig and pimp your morsbag in order to stand out from the crowd!

Each day at the show we will be selecting our winner around the show so make sure you’re using your MORSBAG to be in for a chance to win.

Winners will be presented on the spot with a bag of goodies each day at the show so 4 winners in total.
We can’t wait to see your makes! They really will make a change…

For more information about Morsbags take a look at their website.