The fashion industry has been known to be a culprit in today’s wasteful society. To highlight the importance of sustainability and environmental awareness in fashion we have put together a dress-making contest that is all about being green.

The Competition Categories

At this year’s Spring Knitting & Stitching Show we’re inviting YOU to enter our Dressmaking competition.
We want to put your dressmaking skills to the test with 3 categories for our 2019 competition.

1. A Dress from your Stash:

We would like you to make a dress from any unused materials you already have at home, remnants from a previous make or channel your inner Maria Von Trapp and use some old fabric like curtains. The options are endless, you just already have to own it!

Please re-use an old pattern.

2. Go GREEN:
Submit a garment made from non-traditional materials like paper, bubblewrap, plastic bottles. Go WILD, the wackier the better.

3. Upcycle an existing garment into something wearable.
Turn an old pair of jeans into a dress, an old shirt into a new skirt or some old ties into a jacket. As long as it’s a wearable garment made from an existing item of clothing then you’re in for a chance to win.


All final pieces will displayed at the show in our Competition Gallery from Thursday 28th February. On Sunday 3rd March all finalists will be showcasing their garments from the gallery on a catwalk over on the Creative Living Theatre so please head down to watch the show in action.

Please make sure you cast your vote at the show, simply head down to the competition gallery to see the full display of finalists and vote for your favourite.