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Irish Hand Dyers using natural dyes on natural yarns ~ Wool, Alpaca, Linen, Yak, Silk; patterns, knitting kits, felting, plant fibres, buttons & more

Exhibitor’s Products

DOOLIN ~ Wool & Ramie Yarn
Let’s celebrate the humble nettle! Doolin is made from 80%wool and 20% Ramie. Ramie is a bast fibre, made from the inner phloem of the nettle. Ramie not only gives the yarn a gentle sheen, but also provides strength and stability needed for the heel and toe areas making it a great alternative to nylon rich yarns. Ramie doesn’t absorb dye the same way as wool does, giving this yarn a unique two-toned mottled effect. Like with all hand knitted items, a gentle handwash is best, however, this yarn has been washing machine tested by us and can be wool washed if preferred. We also have some stunning patterns available for this yarn in our pattern section, designed by LBhandknits for AppleOak FibreWorks. In a nutshell for 1 skein: 80% wool & 20% Ramie weight Sport 100gr/ 3.5oz 300m/ 328yards 2-3mm needles Origins: Wool USA, Ramie China, spun in the Czech Republic, Dyed in Ireland naturally.
FACING NORTH ~ Pattern Collection
Facing North A place-specific collection of simple patterns for Stockholm yarn. Written & designed by Ailbiona McLochlainn (LB Handknits) with Stockholm, Facing North features four unique garment patterns that will keep you cozy in the starkest of winter climates. Also included are three charming accessory projects, each calling for only a single skein of yarn to complete. All designs are seamless, quick to knit, suitable for advanced beginners, and engaging enough to appeal to experienced knitters. Presented in a beautifully illustrated book, the collection includes schematics, charts, and detailed written instructions for each pattern, as well as narratives about the places and events that inspired the designs.
STOCKHOLM ~ Chunky Wool Yarn
Stockholm is a chunky-weight, 100% wool yarn, with a meterage of 100m (110y) per 100g (3.5oz). A singles yarn, Stockholm is exceptionally soft and airy, resulting in garments and accessories which feel light on the body, drape beautifully, and regulate heat exceptionally well. For a singles yarn, it is also quite durable, and therefore suitable for knitting garments. Naturally dyed, Stockholm is available in a stunning rainbow of tonal colourways compatible with all designs featured in the Facing North collection. Looking for patterns for Stockholm? Click here! In a nutshell for 1 skein: 100% wool weight Chunky 100g/3.5oz 100m/110yards 6-9mm needles Hand wash Suitable for felting
LINCOT ~ Linen Cotton Yarn
Lincot is 'rustically spun' - meaning that the yarn is thick-and-thin, presenting like an old fashioned handspun. It takes color beautifully, with lots of subtle, rich variations in tone. And when knitted up, it gives the resulting fabric a captivatingly textured look and feel. About the yarn: spun unevenly in Germany, the fibres are sourced from sustainable and ethical friendly sources. The uneven texture of Lincot also has interesting implications for gauge. In meterage, this yarn is a spot-on DK weight, measuring 220m per 100g. However, when it comes to gauge it 'behaves' like a much thicker yarn, and seems to work best in garments when knitted at an aran-weight gauge. This makes Lincot an extremely economical yarn! Meaning, you need far less of it than you would an ordinary DK weight yarn. For example: a sweater requiring 500g of DK weight yarn worked up for designer Albina with only 400g. In a nutshell for 1 skein: 70% cotton / 30% linen weight 2 ply DK 100g/ 3.5oz 220m/ 240.59yards 4-5mm needles Read a designer's review of LinCot here Read the review of LB Handknit's LinCot dress knitting pattern, Rusticana, here Get your copy of Rusticana, here Due to the fibre content, LinCot is a great option for Vegans with several plant dyed colours!
YETI ~ Yak & Silk Yarn
This is one of our favourites and a very popular boutique yarn. Light and silky to the touch, Yeti is made from equal amounts of Yak and Silk fibres – spun into a fine fingering weight yarn to create garments which are as light as a feather. This yarn makes a wonderful all year garment – both, yak and silk, are temperature regulators. It will keep you warm when needed, yet it also allow heat to escape. With the yak being one most in need for warmth in the Himalayas, it can be easily imagined how dense the fibre must be and yet, yak is one of the softest fibres around almost identical in Microns to cashmere. Add some flowing silk into the mix and the results are simply breathtaking, like moonbeams on rippling water. Yeti is available as a kit as well. Check out Criostal, designed by Albina from Lbhandknits, highlights Yeti in a simple delicate shawl pattern. In a nutshell for 1 skein: 50% fine yak hair / 50% mulberry silk weight 4 ply 100g/ 3.5oz 466m/ 509.6 yards 2-3mm needles