Stand D87
Luxury Yarns
Pure cashmere, silks, and other exclusive yarns in a variety of solid, variegated and hand dyed colourways, with a range of unique kits and patterns.

Exhibitor’s Products

Mulberino Singles - Sweet Shop Collection
80% Merino and 20% Mulberry Silk, this single ply sock yarn has been dyed in a variety of colourways that remind me of sweets from my childhood. You will find Refreshers, Smarties, Spangles, Liquorice Allsorts, Opal Fruits, Wine Gums and a few other favourites...
Di Lusso Pure Cashmere
Di Lusso (meaning Luxury in Italian) is a pure cashmere yarn for knitting and crochet spun exclusively for us in Italy. It is buttery soft and is perfect for even the most delicate skins. It can be used to make a wide range of adult accessories, baby items and also and makes wonderful heirloom knits. Di Lusso is a ‘baby/sport/5ply’ weight yarn which is between a DK and a 4Ply but it is extremely versatile can actually be knitted as either, working well on any needle between a 3.25 – 4mm. Di Lusso comes in 12 colours, chosen very carefully from a palette of more than 300, to be contemporary and timeless, and to work well together. As cashmere is an expensive yarn I created Di Lusso in 25g balls which means you can more easily create multi coloured items without such a big outlay, If you’re looking for inspiration we have a wide range of kits and patterns to support this yarn.
Queen Silk Lace
Available in a variety of hand dyed colour-ways this pure silk is a 3ply lace-weight with more than 500m per 100g skein. Dyed in small batches these yarns are exclusive as no two batches are ever the same. Queen Silk is one of our most popular products.
Single Stripe Cowl Kit
Made from pure cashmere (either 2 x 50g balls of Altopiano, or 4 x 25g balls of Di Lusso) this kit is a must for any knitter. It's warm and soft and will become a winter favourite. It's also super easy to knit, so makes a great introduction to circular knitting.
Cashmere Shfade Sets
Comprising of either 5 or 8 x 25g skeins of pure cashmere, these sets fade from one colour to another using a mathematical gradient. Each skein is hand dyed individually and the sets are completely unique. I never repeat exactly the same colourway.