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Romney Marsh Wools


Rushfield, Giggers Green Road, Aldington, Kent, TN25 7BT

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Romney Marsh Wools is a family business, using the fleeces from our own sheep on the family farm in Kent to create a wide range of woollen products.

Exhibitor’s Products

Pure British Romney Topped Fleece
Our pure Romney fleeces are ideal for spinning into your own yarn or using as a filling for toys and cushions. The fleeces are not dyed or bleached so are perfect for hand dyeing. This topped fleece has been washed and carded for you, so it comes ready to work with. The Romney sheep has the highest quality of fleece on any native British breed of sheep. The fleeces have long, crimped staples which are easy to spin and soft enough for use in the production clothing.
British Romney Lambswool Double Knit Yarn - 100g Ball
Our NEW range of Lambswool yarns are blended and spun from the fleeces from our sheep to create a range of 4 colours. The lambswool is very soft and gentle on sensitive skin so it is ideal for use in making a child's toy or wearable accessories such as hats, scarves and gloves which will be worn against the skin. *Weight: 100g Length: 209m Tension 10cm X 10cm: 24 rows X 18 stitches Needles: 4mm *All measurements are approximations.
British Merino Knit Kit - Romney Marsh Hare
For a more advanced knitter, or if you just fancy a new project, this is the kit for you. It comes with everything you need to make your very own stylish knitted Romney Marsh hare. The leaflet provides easy, step-by-step instructions to create a hare you will be proud of, and all of the materials are included for ease and convenience. To purchase the leaflet on its own, please click here Materials Included: ​1 pair of 4mm knitting needles, 100g pure British Merino DK yarn, stuffing, a small amount of black or grey yarn for the eyes and nose, length of ribbon.
Lanolin Woolly Wash
Carefully prepared hand or machine washing liquid for dedicates and wool garments. Made with lanolin, Woolly Wash will leave your clothes feeling soft and fresh. Ideal for taking away with you for hand washing or keep by the washing machine. If you have washable sheepskin you can use this product also. Woolly Wash is a gentle machine or hand washing liquid for all your woollens and delicate garments, leaving them soft and fresh.
Gift Box - Natural Lanolin Hand & Body Lotion, Bath & Shower Gel + Soap
Lanolin is the naturally occurring fat in wool. It has many beneficial attributes; it is gentle, rich and soothing and helps keep skin hydrated. Used regularly, our own brand of wool fat soap, shampoo and moisturising hand and body lotion will help keep skin soft and smooth. Only the highest quality of ingredients, including the purest and most preservative free wool fat is used in our range and they are not tested on animals. A perfect gift for your friends or a loved one! Our own brand of lanolin rich moisturising hand and body lotion, bath and shower gel, and soap.
Handmade British Merino Wool Bed Buddies
Once you have tried our pure merino woollen socks you will never want anything else!! Bed Buddies are handmade in Kent by Spinning Earth, using pure organically processed, luxury merino wool from Romney Marsh Wools, they are knitted on a hand knitting loom 1/3 larger than their finished size and then undergo a felting process to strengthen the integrity and durability of the fabric while keeping that super softness that Merino is renowned for. Socks made from Pure Wool have several advantages: as well as providing a cosy layer around your feet, they will equalise their temperature so your feet do not overheat and draw moisture away from the skin surface letting your feet breath. Wool also neutralises odours and has anti-bacterial properties. How can you resist nature’s complete natural comfort?
Handmade British Lambs Wool Insert
Real lambswool on rubber back insoles. Cut to size to warm your toes and keep your feet snug.