Quinary members Marilyn Hall, Caroline Hibbs, Jean Kirk and Kay Swancutt, are joined by guest artist Sue Flood. Brought together from diverse backgrounds to research, study and make textiles, the members of Quinary are pleased to share their latest work in this exhibition.

Museums hold large collections of items in their archive, boxed and neatly labelled. These are rarely seen by the public but are waiting to be found by those who know where to look. The artefacts bear witness to people and places and have a story to tell that is forever hidden. These cherished objects became the inspiration for Quinary’s exhibition title ‘HIDDEN’.

Cloth is a repository of memory and hidden within are traces and clues to its usage, history and meaning. Peoples throughout history have preserved this memory by reuse, stitching, patching and repairing; in this way the cloth became precious and has been handed down through generations, thus today we can share the memory in cloth.

Each member of the group has taken this original starting point and interpreted it in her own way. Dye and print holds the memory of the process and through stitch, meaning is embedded in the cloth.

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