I make textile collages, using material I have prepared or found, pieced and stitched on Vilene backing and finished with applique, hand stitching and paint.

My landscapes are filled with layers of memory from childhood, family, fairy tale and mythic narrative, figures and animals. I call these my “library of moments”; fabric images that fire my imagination, speak to me and with whom I enter a dialogue. Memories, thoughts and dreams are clarified, ideas are re-worked, narratives take different paths. The process of working on the collages helps me discover my thoughts and feelings.

Some of my work relates to the integration of cultures. How difficult it can be to truly to reach out to each other despite all our modern means of communication. I have used the Tower of Babel myth to express this; the possibilities in diversity as well as difficulties in communication.

The collage technique is deeply suited to the way I bring these themes into expression. The fabrics may be silk, polyester or cotton, pre-prepared using silk screen-printing, transfer and fabric paint – also with direct application of paint and resist techniques. All pigments are colourfast and heat fixed, mounted on acid free card, framed and glazed.