Woolly Queen
Catherine Kaufman UK Fibre Artist
Sculptor and Spinner of yarns and tales

Woolly Queen produces enigmatic large scale sculptures and sculptural garments.
Her medium is wool chosen as she believes strongly in the importance of using environmentally friendly, natural ,organic materials. In a world of the synthetic there is no substitute for wool . Wool has a celestial symbolism that represents purity and truth.
To make her work she spins and needle felts the wool using traditional craft skills. By using craft skills she hopes to highlight the importance that traditional craft skills must be kept alive in the digital age or they will be lost forever.

Her motivation for her work comes from her ceaseless daily discipline and love of the making process, the physical act of making, repetitive making and assembling.
During the exploration of the making she is able to chanel her emotions and anxieties into her work.
She explores her own sense of self and that of the female narrative within the yarns and tales she chooses. She then simply repairs and reworks the outcomes.
Hers is a personal and psychological drawing of the tales and yarns as a vehicle to give her own personal inflexion.