Luisa De Santi, born and based in Trieste (in North East of Italy), a renowned Italian fiber artist and textile designer. A broad range of yarn techniques (usually considered as a crafting and female hobby) are her main expressive medium. Her constant research focuses on experimenting and expanding on the expressive potential offered by these techniques, especially in their three-dimensional facets and applications. The result may come in form of wearable art, artworks, fiber jewelry and soft sculptures. Yarns are a metaphor of the possibilities.

De Santi works on her creations without any sketch. She finds that working without sketches and plans is like leaving without a destination: you just enjoy your journey. As a little child the fact that it seemed possible to make practically anything starting from a thread felt absolutely magical to her – a fairy goddess spell. Her research is based on experimenting. It’s a story about emotions, feelings, colours, textures, research, experimentation and enthusiasm. Threads simply pave the way to playfulness and to a world of infinite creativity. It is a world of unlimited possibilities and unstoppable energy; As life.

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