Tips on Photographing your Self Portrait

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Here are some guidelines and advice to help you photograph and re-size/edit your piece.

Providing the best possible photograph of your textile portrait will give your work the credit it deserves and give you a better chance of winning a prize.

Image Resolution

As this competition is online, the resolution of the image does not need to be very high.
Resolution is generally measured in DPI (dots per inch). Images of 72dpi will be OK for this purpose, although 150dpi may make the image sharper and less pixelated.

Pixel Size

The entry form will only accept images measuring 1000 pixels x 1000 pixels.

File Type & Size

Please ensure your photograph is saved in Jpeg format. Please try to ensure your file size is a maximum of 1MB

Maggie Scott, ICU6, Nuno felted silk chiffon & hand stitch

Portrait by Maggie Scott

Which camera/device to use

For the purpose of this competition, it should be fine to use a smartphone camera (or tablet), but compact digital cameras or DSLRs may produce better quality images.


We advise taking photographs during the day for natural light where possible. The best place to photograph is outside – on a bright hazy or cloudy day.  Direct sunlight can wash out colour and detail so on a sunny day, it’s best to use an area / wall in light shade.

Using a Flash will also brighten the image. Try using a flash at different distances so the lighting is as even as possible. If you need to shoot your work indoors, we advise having a white background.

Image Resolution

The entry form will ask you to upload ONE image as part of your application. Please try to ensure your image measures 1000 pixels x 1000 pixels and is a maximum of 1MB. If your files are not the correct size, they may not be accepted.

My Big face 1

Portrait by Cindy Stohn

Photo Editing Software

  • Pixlr is a great piece of free software for re-sizing.
  • Visit Pixlr and select OPEN IMAGE
  • Use the CROP tool to remove any unattractive edges / background
  • To resize your image to 1000pixels x 1000 pixels, use the Properties tool
  • To adjust the contrast, colour, brightness or to sharpen the image, use the Adjust or Filter icons
    Remember to click ‘Apply’ once you have made any changes
  • Click SAVE and you should be ready to upload your image.
  • If you need support please email

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