Exploring Fiber Reactive Dyes
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Exploring Fiber Reactive Dyes with Claire Benn Fiber Reactive Dyes are a great resource for producing results that are colorfast and very washable. With a basic understanding of how things work, you will begin to see better results in your projects. This workshop series is perfect for beginners who want to achieve great results from using fiber reactive dyes with both cloth (natural fibers) and other natural raw materials such as paper, reeds, caning (or even wood) as well as experienced fiber artists who want to improve their practice when working with fiber reactive dyes. In association with Galli Productions BUY WORKSHOP About Join Claire Benn for this series of workshops designed to demystify the processes and materials used to achieve the best results when using fiver reactive dyes.  Learn a variety of techniques including silk screening, gradations, colour charts and mark making, plus ,various dyeing methods such as bucket, table and washing machine. Thus us one of the most comprehensive workshops on working with fibre reactive (Procion MX) dyes and a great opportunity to learn new techniques to create unique fabrics that you can use in a variety of future projects. Level: Suitable for all levels, with sections for beginners through to intermediate and advance. Price: £40 (plus £1.50 booking fee) Watch the trailer to find out more! What you'll learn: Workshop IntroductionCloth & Preparation for DyeingIngredients for Fibre Reactive DyeingBucket Dyeing: Low vs. High Water Immersion DyeingTray Dyeing for Smooth and Textured FinishesDyeing a Serial GradationDyeing in the Washing Machine & Over-dyeingMaking Liquid and Thickened Dye Paint Surface design and colour development exercises including: Working Black Dye on White FabricFundamentals of Screen Printing with Thickened DyesScraping, Brushing, Marking: Working Wet on WetDry Brush TechniqueUnderstanding Color Theory: The Color TartanProcion MX Color MixingComplex Colors, Neutrals & Gray MattersBlack, Neutrals & Shades of Gray What's included: More than 7 hours of detailed video instruction 100-page STUDY GUIDE which is provided in PDF formatRecipes and methodsBench reference guideDye ChartAccess to the on-demand until 11:59pm (GMT) on 31 December 2021. PREVIEW E-BOOK BUY WORKSHOP