Stand TGF44
Tina Francis Tapestry
Tina Francis Tapestry is bringing Bargello back. Come and see tapestry needlepoint, canvas work and bold Bargello on one of the most colourful stands

Exhibitor’s Products

Bargello Stitching
Traditional stitching in bold colours!
Creative Canvas Work
There are so many great canvas work stitches. We are bringing scale and structure to this traditional craft
Tapestry Needlepoint
We still love our needlepoint kits printed in the U.K. as always!
Keeping the rhythm
Once you’ve got the first row down you’ll slip into a stitching rhythm!
Urban Stitching
See how Stitch can enhance your home whether it’s traditional or modern!
Beautiful flame stitching!
Cushion kit it this colurway £60