Disabled Visitors

Venue Access and facilities.
The show at Alexandra Palace is all on one level (except for lectures and some workshops, please check Workshop Timetable for room location). However, because the Palace is on a hill, there are steps to the entrance. Wheelchair users can be dropped off at the top of the slip road and can enter the entrance doors via the slope.

There are several disabled toilets at the venue, and we try to keep aisles as wide as possible.
Please be aware that this is a very busy show and it can get very congested.

Disabled Parking
Due to new regulations imposed by the local council, it is no longer possible for blue badge holders to park at the front of the building. Instead, they are asked to park at the back of the venue, but we will have a small buggy to transport disabled visitors to the entrance. (Please note this vehicle ony takes a few passengers at a time and may mean a short wait. The alternative is a ‘flat’ 8 minute walk to the entrance).

Please note that if you are registered disabled you are entitled to a concession price ticket. Carers attending with disabled visitors are entitled to free entry to the Show. To claim your carer ticket please email See Tickets on Theknittingandstitchingshow@seetickets.com with your name, order number and the reason for requesting a carer ticket. Please note carers accompanying a VIP ticket holder will be allowed access to the VIP lounge but are not entitled to any additional benefits associated with the VIP package.