This is an Installation project composed of soft white sculptures representing body parts which are put into a space seen as a Zen garden. The garden is a metaphor of existence, the place where the cycles of nature happen, death and rebirth, in the original mystery of how life arises and unfolds.

A Zen garden is a contemplative space as is my Installation project where stones are substituted by body parts like heads, hands, feet or others, among which life energy is circulating. We enter this enclosed space with our minds and we move inside it in contemplation, exactly as if we were visiting a Zen garden.
The installation itself is composed of one big sculpture of 2m high representing a face, two hands, each 1.30m high and of smaller body parts, some suspended and others placed on the floor. The sculptures are made of fabric and polyester fibers like pillows are, the structure is supported by wire but it is the fabric densities that hold it all together. Textile sculpture at its purest !